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The English Department at Deree – The American College of Greece may be small, compared to other departments, but it is making a significant contribution to the conversation on academic integrity taking place on campus. Here’s our thoughts, on the one hand from a professor and on the other from a student:

As professor in this department, I was impressed upon reading in an email from the English Society on the upcoming elections for the governing body (GB) that the Constitution was amended to include as a new “eligibility criterion for election to the Governing Body: no breaches of Academic Integrity!” This amendment showcases the importance of students participating in this conversation on academic integrity, exchanging the language of policy voiced by professors with a ...

COVID as catalyst.

I heard this phrase at the virtual ICAI conference in March. It is an inspiring motto for educators in the midst of this pandemic moment.

The COVID-era has highlighted issues that significantly threaten our institutions, such as inequities in the remote-testing industry’s artificial intelligence and the rampant issue of contract cheating. As a result, there are important discussions in institutions around the world that should, in theory, effect lasting positive change in teaching, learning,...

IDOA Student Committee’s Jeopardy on Contract Cheating

A review and helpful guide to using the game

By ENAI Gamification Group Members

Zeenath Reza Khan

Sonja Bjelobaba

Shivadas Sivasubramanian

William Bülow

Lorna Waddington

Dita Henek Dlabolová

Jarret Dyer

Laura Ribeiro

Sandra F. Gomes

Mike Reddy

Salim Razi

European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) is a network whose purpose is to support higher education institutions to work together in the field of academic integrity. It was set up by 12 European universities as a Erasmus+ funded project in 2017 and has grown to be a glob...

Ubuntu, the South African practice valuing collective humanity has been on my mind a lot these days. A 2020 article linking the practice to academic integrity really resonates with me. The authors describe the value in the Zimbawean context as "responsibility, honesty, justice, trustworthiness, hard work, integrity, a cooperative spirit, solidarity and devotion to family and the welfare of the community". The authors surmise that the common phrasing of the term translated to mean “You are because I am, and I am because we are” is an important educational perspective when considering preventi...

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Lessons from TikTok on Academic Integrity 

I recently came across a retweet by Thomas Lancaster, an academic integrity expert perhaps best known for his work on contract cheating. The tweet contained a TikTok video that depicts a typical example of the practice, a parent writing a paper for a student who felt they could not submit an assignment on time. The short clip shares what so many of us know. That all too often, a simple message or request for help turns into academic misconduct. Though problematic for this audience, the message is meant to be funny and poignant, a retort to what the student felt was an unaccommodating professor.  

The creativity in Ti...

In 2016 when we organized the International Conference for Academic Integrity – Middle East Chapter in collaboration with the International Center for Academic Integrity and Clemson University, little did we know how the concluding conversation at the conference would propel us towards ultimately setting up a centre, let alone one that would bring together such a diverse group of passionate, like-minded academics and students to lead the integrity agenda.

During the course of organizing the conference for 2016, twice we found ourselves deciding whether to cancel it or not as there simply weren’t enough submissions coming through from academics within the country....

Have you ever thought about what are the benefits of integrity?

We constantly hear in the news about acts of corruption that affect companies, communities and society as a whole. These cases, due to the negative effects they cause at the economic and social level, are judged as undesirable and need to be stopped.

The solutions have come from different sectors, however, most have focused on the educational field, considering that educational institutions have a greater responsibility in forming people with values and ethical principles who do not commit these acts of corruption. The result of this effort has been the creation of several programs that promote academic integrity within schools and universities.

The efficiency of these programs has not yet been fully...

Durante años he escuchado una duda continua entre mis estudiantes: cómo incluir la voz propia en sus trabajos. Una duda que no me resulta extraña porque también la he experimentado. Buscando opciones para ayudarles, más allá de repetirles lo valioso de los ensayos de argumentación como ejercicio, recordé algo que suelo hacer con una finalidad distinta, pero que podía funcionar. En los borradores de mis investigaciones acostumbro utilizar diferentes colores en las fuentes, para identificar su origen. Me ha ayudado para que en lo que redacto haya inclusión de perspectivas, tanto por género, como por la geografía donde se originan. Lo que inició con mis citas y referencias se volvió en la estrategia que mejores resultados me ha dado para ayudar a mis estudiantes para identifi...

To share experiences and strategies to promote academic integrity, Universidad de Monterrey in collaboration with Universidad EAFIT from Colombia, Universidad Panamericana, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Tecnológico de Monterrey and endorsed by the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) and the European Network of Academic Integrity (ENAI). held the 9th Academic Integrity Conference "Integrity: a constant challenge" this past October 7 and 8.

This event was completely online and had the participation of more than 1000 attendees from around the world, including Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Canada, Panama, Argentina, United States, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Australia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, South Korea, Italy, Turkey, among ot...

Langara College is pleased to announce a new, open-access toolkit designed to provide a broad array of academic integrity resources for educators titled: "Encouraging Academic Integrity Through a Preventative Framework” (2020).  This project is a collabo...