This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Canadian National Consortium and what an anniversary it was...complete with Commemorative Cookies! The Canadian Consortium (also known as ICAI-Canada) board members were thrilled to welcome almost 60 people. Those that were part of the day hailed from every province except P.E.I. and our Territories.

Canadians talked about many current Canadian academic integrity issues. Specifically, we shared our bright spots/successes, challenges, events/engagements, policies/procedures, and work in progress. We learned that PUPP webinars occur every month and a half and can be listened to in both official languages (French & English). People from some organizations are noting that there is more discussion about equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging driving decisions and leveling the academic field for all to succeed. Faculty and staff at another organization created a workshop about generative artificial intelligence that was done in collaboration with students and included scenarios. Several organizations have found that with tests and exams now back on campus, teachers are feeling some of the pressure of dishonest practices has been relieved. Many spoke about how Covid and artificial intelligence have acted as catalysts to make changes to our pedagogical practices. To get more information about the discussion that happened, check out our Canadian Jam Boards.

After the formal session, many Canadians re-grouped and enjoyed a leisurely dinner together. The dinner served as a great way to network and learn more about each other. While the day is over, the drive to improve our different organizations continues. If you are Canadian and would like to share your ideas, consider completing this survey and expressing your ideas about how to move forward in the Canadian Way Forward.

Here is to 10 more years of success in moving academic integrity forward across this great country!
Jennie Miron
Chair of the Canadian Consortium (ICAI - Canada)