If you are anything like me, completing an ICAI program proposal submission form has been on your to-do list for the last month. There just hasn’t been time to make it happen. Perhaps it is life, work, or your own tendency towards perfectionism that has led to your procrastination. Personally, one of the only ways I have found it possible to overcome some of these obstacles is to think about the positives that would come from getting that task done. So, as that November 20, 2023, conference program proposal deadline quickly approaches, let’s explore all those good things that would come from presenting at this conference.

Contributions to the Field: ICAI membership is comprised of instructors, researchers, staff members, and organizational leaders who wrestle with the challenges of creating academic cultures that value academic integrity. If you do this work, rest assured that you have something to contribute to the field, and ICAI members want to hear about it. Do not feel like you need an idea that would change the world. Rather, think about how you approach concurrent conference sessions. Remind yourself that we are all just seeking a broader understanding of trends, experiences, practices, and ideas, that we can make work across the campuses we serve. Presenting at an ICAI conference helps us all to create stronger academic communities.

Building a Network: Presenting at an ICAI conference will help you to develop a stronger network of professionals whom you will be able to lean on in the future. As a conference presenter, you may be approached by colleagues to converse on topics related to your presentation. This creates invaluable connections with others who understand our nuanced and important field of work.

Experience: As I write this blog, I actually get a smile on my face thinking about this experience overall. First, it will be taking place in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada, at the Westin Hotel. Who doesn’t want to go there? Personally, I do not think there could be a more beautiful setting for a conference, just a couple of hours drive from the beautiful Rocky Mountain Range. I also tend to think about the sense of accomplishment and relief that follows completing a presentation. I get excited thinking about sharing this experience with other colleagues and the comradery that comes with co-presenting.  Finally, I think about the fact that each time I choose to move – to write, to speak, to be vulnerable – the easier and more enjoyable it becomes.

In the end, it’s safe to say the ideas that have been circulating in your brain about a potential ICAI program proposal do matter. Your future ICAI conference session matters to the field of educators, researchers, and administrators trying to tackle challenges we are currently facing as we work to help students learn. It also matters to ICAI, your future professional network, and you.

So, join me in tackling this to-do list item by reviewing our Call for Programs to learn more. Share your practice, research, or idea, then complete the program proposal form, and click the button below to submit your proposal before the deadline on November 20, 2023! If this still feels like too much, perhaps consider starting with an ICAI Poster Submission or volunteering to review other program proposals. Thanks so much for considering these options and we look forward to seeing you in Calgary in just a few months!

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