The Southeast ICAI conference is back! The Southeast Regional Consortium will be hosting a virtual conference with the theme this year is Connecting to Integrity. Every campus connection has the potential to increase the ethical decision-making capabilities of our students. Faculty help students navigate their courses by setting clear expectations. Students follow the behavior displayed by their peers who exemplify integrity. Staff connect students to resources that can help them complete their academic careers without compromising integrity. This symbiotic connection is maximized when students, faculty, and staff share an innate passion for integrity. This fall we are building on these connections to bring academic integrity to the forefront.

In the face of challenges like Generative Artificial Intelligence, continued debates on proctoring, and companies profiting from student academic misconduct, this conference will connect individuals dedicated to academic integrity by sharing experiences, research, and programs.

How have you been connecting to integrity? Submit proposals by September 14, 2023, using this link.

The conference will be held October 26, 2023 – October 27, 2023. Want to register? Use this link.

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