The McCabe-ICAI Faculty Survey team is proud to announce that the revised faculty survey is ready to begin pilot testing! As a core group of committed ICAI members, we convened after the Portland conference in spring 2020 and were ultimately charged with updating McCabe’s original survey instrument to ensure data collected would remain useful for both scholars to use in research and for institutions to use in assessment. Beyond this initial core group, ICAI members from institutions around the world have helped revise our instrument and provided valuable feedback. 

Our revised instrument was first introduced at the ICAI virtual conference in spring 2021, with an update given in spring 2022. Both sessions included extensive participant interaction and feedback, which resulted in the development of the open-ended questions for the survey and a heightened focus on curriculum and pedagogy (two innovations to the instrument from what McCabe designed). Further revisions were made in consultation with the literature, as well as with leading scholar-practitioners in academic integrity, teaching and learning, and institutional assessment. 

Our survey is approved by the IRB at Eckerd College (St. Petersburg, FL) and has been determined exempt by the IRB at University of Rochester (Rochester, NY). Institutions that wish to administer the faculty survey will be asked to verify approval through their own IRBs; supporting documentation is available on ICAI’s website, in the McCabe-ICAI Faculty Survey partner manual, and from members of the research team.

Importantly, our survey is designed to complement the already revised McCabe-ICAI Student Survey and the Academic Integrity Rating System (AIRS) 2.0. While in pilot/validation phase, the faculty survey remains free to administer for institutional members of ICAI. It may be given in conjunction with the revised student survey, with AIRS 2.0, or with both. By adopting all three tools, simultaneously or over time, institutions can access a powerful package of data that compares to a national sample (useful for better understanding and assessing their own campus climates of honesty and integrity).

If you are interested in having your institution participate in faculty survey validation, or if you want to get involved in ICAI research and assessment activities more broadly, visit our page on ICAI’s website or email our team: .