In educating stakeholders about academic integrity and implementing strategies to prevent academic misconduct, those working in higher education can take a proactive, positive, educative, and supportive approach. Academic misconduct will still occur, however, requiring the careful identification of potential academic misconduct and administration of related procedures and policies.

What can and should be done when patterns of misconduct are observed in a particular class or assessment (Rogerson, 2017), and by whom? Are there ways in which the roles of those working in colleges and universities are interrelated in regards to academic integrity, and could provide the basis for beneficial partnerships (Ellis et al., 2022)?

Join the multidisciplinary Learning Commons team for an interactive session where academic integrity is anchored in teaching and learning (Bertram Gallant, 2016). Participants will leave this session with clear, research and evidence-based examples of opportunities for addressing academic misconduct holistically in several college and university roles.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe academic strategies which reduce avenues for misconduct
  • Identify indicators of potential academic misconduct
  • Prepare updated assessment based on your class experience

Presenters: Lynn Cliplef (Faculty Development Coach), Mitchell Hengen (Faculty Development Coach), Caitlin Munn (Quality Assurance Specialist), and Josh Seeland (Manager, Library Services).

Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM (CST)

Platform: Zoom

Registration form: click here


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