The ICAI free webinar, The Changing Nature of Group Collaboration in the Online Environment, will be on May 27, 2022 at noon EST. 

ICAI May 2022 webinar

You are invited to attend a Free Webinar titled The Changing Nature of Group Collaboration in the Online Environment on Friday, May 27th 2022 from 12 - 1 pm EST.

This webinar will present a lively discussion about the nature of group work in an online environment. We will discuss how and why to establish clear expectations for group work and how to manage expectations throughout the learning process: before the project begins, during the project, and during the summative assessment phases of the work. We will explore the benefits and challenges of having a “team charter” (also known as a “group work plan”) and we’ll talk about the complexities of team members working across time zones that make meeting in real time inconvenient. Finally, we’ll talk about different approaches to team work including the “divide and conquer” versus a “collective responsibility” approach and also, we’ll talk about the complexities of evaluating online group work ethically (spoiler alert: there is no magic solution). There will be time for questions and conversation. Everyone is welcome!

Please join this webinar, with:

  • Sarah Elaine Eaton, PhD. She is an associate professor at Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary (Canada). She taught her first online class in 2005 and has since taught more than 100 courses online, including credit and non-credit (continuing education) courses. Her graduate supervision includes 12 present and graduated doctoral students, all of whom have taken at least some of their courses online.


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