Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn more about what to consider before implementing e-proctoring software
  • Explore Alternatives to e-proctoring
  • Understand the importance of faculty/instructor and student engagement in both online learning and in-person
  • Learn how some higher education institutions are managing e-proctoring academic misconduct cases and the challenges associated with the rise in cases
  • Appreciate that a reactive approach is less effective on academic misconduct than taking a proactive or educational approach


  • Jake Binstein (Software Engineer, e-proctoring researcher, U.S.)
  • Azalea Hulbert (Director, Office of Academic Integrity, West Virginia University, U.S.)
  • James Orr (Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Strategic Enrollment, University of Memphis, U.S.)
  • Ceceilia Parnther (Assistant Professor, Administrative and Instructional Leadership, School of Ed., St. John’s University, NY,  U.S.)
  • Camilla Roberts (Director, Honor and Integrity System, Kansas State University and President of ICAI, U.S.)
  • Paul Sopack (Coordinator, Office of Student Conduct, Community Standards & Values, MacEwan University, Canada)
  • Alycia Stewart, Vice President Academic, Students’ Association of MacEwan University 


  • Amanda McKenzie, Director Quality Assurance (Academic Programs), University of Waterloo

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