Conduct Your Own Academic Integrity Survey

ICAI has created The Academic Integrity Assessment Guide to provide colleges, universities, and secondary schools tools to assess the climate of academic integrity on their campuses. Although modeled on the larger McCabe-ICAI Institutional Survey of Academic Integrity, it does not provide comparative data to this tested instrument. Rather, it allows organizations to prepare for the McCabe survey or to monitor their progress in years when the McCabe survey is not administered.

This guide takes you through the processes of:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your current academic integrity programs and policies
  • Assessing student and faculty attitudes and behaviors in classrooms, labs, and exams
  • Identifying potential concerns from sanctions to educational programs
  • Developing action plans to improve understanding the importance of academic honesty
  • Promoting open dialogue about academic integrity issues on your campus

Academic integrity is a fundamental value of teaching, learning, and scholarship, yet significant numbers of students still report cheating and plagiarizing. With the Guide, you will learn what you can do to improve the culture of integrity on your campus in a proactive, positive way. When you order the guide, you will receive:

  • Survey instruments for students and faculty, followed by a confidential, customized report of findings
  • Guidelines for putting together an effective academic integrity assessment committee
  • Step-by-step instructions for generating or revising policies, practices, educational programs and sanctions
  • Suggested assessment and educational activities and questions for focus groups
  • Examples of codes, and policies from campuses across the country
  • Copies of relevant reading materials and bibliographies

About the Guide
The Academic Integrity Assessment Guide was developed in 1999-2001 by the International Center for Academic Integrity with funding from the John Templeton Foundation. It’s basis was the ongoing research by Dr. Don McCabe.

Twelve campuses across the country provided the Center with practical experience, evaluations, and critical feedback on the first edition of the Guide.

The Academic Integrity Assessment Guide is only available as an electronic PDF file.

Purchasing the Guide gives you permission to duplicate its contents up to 19 times for a total of 20 copies to be distributed to your academic integrity committee.
The Assessment Guide is free to institutional members, and $500 for individuals and non-members.
The Assessment Guide is undergoing revisions, and is not being distrubuted at this time.
If you need guidance for taking next steps at your institution, contact us for assistance.