ICAI Assessment and Planning Services

At ICAI, our goal is to help educational organizations, large and small, build environments that nurture a culture of integrity. To achieve this, systems must be in place that encourage honesty, promote writing skills and proper scholarship, and also detect and fairly deal with cheating when it occurs.

Building such a culture is not easy, so to help our member organizations, ICAI has established consulting services. Our core group of experts offers a full range of assistance, from help assessing and understanding the current state of academic integrity at your organization to developing a comprehensive plan and policies to enhance your culture of integrity and protect the value of the credentials you confer. Services include:

  • Evaluating existing academic integrity programs and policies.
  • Developing an academic integrity program and policies.
  • Assessing student and faculty attitudes and behaviors.
  • Identifying and evaluating options for educational remediation and sanctions.
  • Developing action plans to improve understanding the importance of academic honesty.
  • Facilitation of academic integrity workshops.
  • Additional custom consultation work as needed.

The ICAI Advantage
In the nearly three decades since it was founded, ICAI has become a worldwide leader in promoting academic integrity and developing ways to counter dishonesty in academic life. Our consulting group is made up of researchers, educators, and administrators from diverse schools, countries, and backgrounds who actively work in the field and understand both the academic community and the most effective strategies for building cultures in which honesty and integrity thrive.

Our Consulting Services are currently being reorganized. We plan to relaunch them in the Fall of 2024.