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International Center for Academic Integrity

Helping educational institutions since 1992

The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) cultivates integrity cultures in academic communities throughout the world. ICAI offers assessment services, resources, and consultations to its member institutions, and facilitates critical conversations about integrity.


2020 Conference

Portland, OR
March 6 – 8, 2020
Pre-conference March 5-6

What We Can Learn from Baseball’s Sudden Integrity Crisis

Professional baseball, the nation’s cherished pastime, is- right now, today- in the midst of an integrity crisis. For those of us who work to promote integrity in our classrooms and institutions, the parallels are unmistakable. We can learn a lot by watching it all...

Integridad Academica

Integridad Academica aims to disseminate and socialize valuable content that collaborates to promote a culture of academic honesty in higher education institutions in Latin America. Learn more and read the digital magazine on the Spanish language minisite.

International Day Against Contract Cheating

Contract cheating happens when a student contracts with someone else to do their work.  Join us in the fight against this practice by participating in the Day of Action on October 16th, 2019.

International Day of Action Webinars

Join Drs. Thomas Lancaster and Irene Glendenning for a webinar entitled Reducing Contract Cheating – International Opportunities For Action, organized by Turnitin.  They will be held on Wednesday 14th August and Monday 16th August at 11:00 British Summer Time. Choose a date below to register.

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ICAI is a membership-based organization.  Join us in promoting authentic education, supporting academic integrity, and communicating our values to faculty, students, educational administrators, and the community as a whole.