International Center for Academic Integrity

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The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) cultivates integrity cultures in academic communities throughout the world. ICAI offers assessment services, resources, and consultations to its member institutions, and facilitates critical conversations about integrity.


We learned about honesty and integrity – that the truth matters… that you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules… and success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square.”

Michelle Obama

2019 Conference

New Orleans, LA
March 8th – 10th, 2019

Pautas para fomentar la integridad académica en el aula

English translation: Guidelines to promote academic integrity in the classroom Speaker: Jean Guerrero-Dib - Director del primer Centro de Integridad en Latinoamérica. Lidera los esfuerzos de la UDEM por lograr una cultura de integridad y un campus honesto. Apasionado...

November 2017 Transition Update

We are pleased to inform you that we are in the final stages of our transition. Over the next few months, we will be working to establish and finalize ICAI as a non-profit organization. Although we had multiple applications from potential hosts, it became apparent...

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