Join our newly formed networking consortium for U.S. Northeast colleges and universities!  Begun as a working group in spring 2021 to coordinate support and information-sharing among academic integrity colleagues during COVID, our size is growing. An official organizational meeting will be held at the ICAI national conference in March, but if you work in the Northeast U.S. and would like to join us, please read on!


The U.S. Northeast Consortium of the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) provides support for professionals in their work promoting and enforcing academic integrity at Northeast colleges and universities. Member institutions meet regularly to discuss current issues, share best practices, and consider emerging initiatives. All public and private colleges and universities in the U.S. Northeast who are members of ICAI are eligible for membership.  

Goals for ICAI U.S. Northeast Consortium:

  • Develop relationships across campuses among faculty and administrators working in academic integrity.
  • Share resources, ideas, and information to better inform our work.
  • Promote a culture of academic integrity within the Northeast U.S.
  • Support fellow members with issues or concerns regarding policies and practices at their own institutions.
  • Contribute to the larger academic integrity conversations happening at the national and international levels.

Membership Institutions

  • University at Buffalo

For more information, please contact:

Loretta A. Frankovitch, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Office of Academic Integrity
University at Buffalo
402 Capen Hall, Buffalo, NY  14260-1603