The mission of this consortium is to build a community of accredited institutions engaged in online education, who are focused on promoting academic integrity in order to protect every student and the value of each degree, certification, license, and/or credential, and support the mission of the ICAI.

COIN Goals:

  • Create a shared community of practice with resources for all ICAI members
  • Communication
    • Create various means of communication among consortium members and ICAI members specific to online education
    • Shed light on the pervasiveness of the issue of Academic Integrity and connection to current trends in online education
    • Showcase the work of the consortium and member schools
  • Provide peer-to-peer consultation services to those new to the online space or for continuous improvement
  • Advocacy and Public Relations for multiple audiences, i.e., adult learners, first-generation college students, etc.
  • Creation of resources for gauging third-party technology maturity and alignment with academic integrity standards
  • Joint advocacy regarding products and services that threaten the adherence to Academic Integrity for students and faculty
  • Legislation proposals and/or advocacy related to Academic Integrity

Membership Institutions

  • Southern New Hampshire University (founding member)
  • University of Maryland Global Campus (founding member)
  • Western Governors University (founding member)

Membership application

Membership in COIN represents your institution’s commitment to contribute to our mission and participate in our activities. In turn, membership entitles you to share in our resources, knowledge, and community of practice. Eligibility for membership is limited to current ICAI member institutions.

If you are interested in your institution becoming a member of COIN, please email  to reach one of our Membership Coordinators.