Institutional Membership

Membership in the International Center for Academic Integrity is open to any educational institution: K-12, secondary, or post-secondary. Membership dues are determined according to total student enrollment per campus. Up to twenty individuals may serve as institutional representatives: a lead representative in charge of the account and its renewal, and up to 19 secondary representatives depending on the total student enrollment.

All representatives are allowed access to the “Members Only” area of this website. If any student, faculty, or administrator within a member institution wishes to access the Members Only area, ICAI gives institutional representatives permission to grant access to these requests.

Tier 1 Membership

$500 per year for enrollments up to 5,000 – 1 lead representative and up to 9 secondary representatives


Tier 2 Membership

$650 per year for enrollments of 5,001 to 15,000 – 1 lead representative and up to 14 secondary representatives

Tier 3 Membership

$750 per year for enrollments of 15,001 or more – 1 lead representative and up to 19 secondary representatives

K-12 Membership

$250 per year. 1 lead representative and up to 9 secondary representatives


Individual Membership

Individuals and students who are not already institutional members may join ICAI as Individual Members for the following rate:

  • $150 per person for one year

Individual members receive all of the same benefits as our institutional members.

Affiliate Membership

Non-profit education organizations and associations may join ICAI as Affiliate Members for the following rate:

  • $600 for one year

Affiliate members may name five individuals to serve as their ICAI representatives.

Corporate Membership

For-profit corporations may join ICAI as Supporting Organizations for the following rates:

  • $950 for one year
  • $1,500 for two years
  • $10,000 lifetime membership

Corporate members may name four secondary representatives.

Benefits of membership

Become a member of the International Center for Academic Integrity for access to hundreds of resources and networking opportunities such as:

  • Up to 20 free representatives on your membership roster depending on your institution’s total student enrollment
  • Access to hundreds of printed and online resources that include historical and current research on cheating and academic integrity, standards, best practices, and sample materials
  • Access to academic integrity consultants and speakers, who advise on topics ranging from implementing honor systems in high schools and middle schools, to creating an ethical campus culture
  • Connect with ICAI’s regional consortia – in Southern California, Southeast US, Texas, Colorado, Midwest US, and Canada!
  • Direct assistance in creating honor codes and developing academic integrity programs, including in-person site visits if requested
  • Networking with 1,500+ professionals and dozens of educational organizations in the field of academic integrity
  • FREE access to the Academic Integrity Assessment Guide and its student/faculty surveys that gauge your campus climate of integrity
  • Access to ICAI’s multiple discussion ListServs that connect with over 1,500 contacts
  • Multimedia resources including video/poster campaigns, student created content, contests, and more
  • Steeply discounted registration rates for our annual and regional conferences
  • Discounted rates to our partner organizations’ conferences and events throughout the year!