Arturo Eduardo Becerra Mariscal has more than 17 years of experience in the development of institutional initiatives focused on innovation in the educational sector and in the management of teams that have been essential for the achievement of strategic objectives. He has a master's degree in Business Strategies from Universidad Panamericana and a degree in Graphic Communication Design from UAM-X in Mexico City. He has a certification in project management from Texas A&M University. He directed the Center for Educational Innovation (CIE), Mexico campus, of Universidad Panamericana. During his leadership at CIE, he ensured the achievement of goals, increased teacher participation in innovation and training projects, and implemented an internal management platform for the automation of processes in the area. He promoted the development of institutional strategies and consolidated the Talent Center, the successor to CIE. He is currently the leader of strategic Postgraduate projects at the Dean’s Office. In teaching, he has given classes on technology, programming, educational innovation, teaching strategies, specialized software, and design; in the training of both undergraduate and postgraduate students and university teachers. He has participated in various national and international conferences on issues of educational innovation, design methodologies, and academic integrity. Arturo's views are his own.