Sebastian Burkholdt is a research assistant in the Office of Academic Honesty of the University of Georgia. In his work, he serves as a facilitator for academic misconduct meetings, creates educational resources for students and faculty, analyzes academic misconduct data, and creates training workshops for students and faculty who work with the Office of Academic Honesty. In 2022, he spearheaded the development of a remediation program for undergraduate students who violated UGA’s academic honesty policy. Since February 2023, Sebastian is also the Interim Assistant Director of the Intensive English Program at the University of Georgia.

In December 2022, Sebastian graduated with a Ph.D. in Educational Theory and Practice with an emphasis in Social Studies Education from UGA's Mary Frances Early College of Education. For his dissertation, he conducted research with ambitious high school history teachers about the influence of transformative learning and identity on the development of teachers’ goals, purposes, and teaching approaches.

Sebastian's views are his own.