Lora Lopez serves as Program Manager for the TTU Ethics Center reaching out to undergraduate/graduate students through presentations and social media. As a team member in the TTU Ethics Center she serves as a leadership compass for students, staff, faculty, and community orienting them towards ethical conduct. All views presented are those of the author. Ms. Lopez navigates the mission of the Ethics Center in the following key areas: 1) as oversight lead for the Faculty Ethics Symposium; 2) in charge of the assessment survey tool, Ethical Principles on Blackboard for students, staff, and faculty to utilize; 3) as the manager of the center's social media; 4) as the lead in interviewing and editing videos for social media posting; 5) by cultivating a relationship with the Organization of American States to guide the Ethics Center hemispheric activities; 6) as a collaborator for adaptive strategic budget planning working as the primary point of contact for bringing programs like "A Fragile Trust", "Survivors", and "no más bebés" campus; 7) as a presenter at national and international conferences focusing on undergraduate/graduate students ethical issues, and 8) as the coordinator for the bi-annual "Donut Cheat" initiative to promote ethical behavior during final exams. She is a resourceful team member with solid reputation in development of projects that serve the academic community. Projects and initiatives sustained from her leadership service in the TTU graduate school: A) travel grants to reduce financial burden on graduate students presenting papers at conferences; B) establishment of a research poster competition to showcase quality scientific investigation in-process to taxpayers; C) family night-out that domestic and international student families can engage with pizza and movie; D) invited by the State of Texas to serve on the University Records Retention Schedule Subcommittee. Including her talents with other team members, the Association for Professional and Practical Ethics recognizes the TTU Ethics Center innovative and insightful approach to utilizing technology. The association invites the team to the international conference to lead their prestigious 2017 Directors Summit. As a professional, Lora demonstrates high interest in compassionate service through volunteer activities.