We are looking forward to the International Day of Action for Academic Integrity on Wednesday October 16, 2024 with our exciting theme to involve everyone:

 'All hands on deck: Making academic integrity everyone’s job'


You may CLICK HERE to save or print the poster. 


About the event:

Join us as we set sail on the high seas of academic conduct in the Integrity Boat!

This year’s theme focuses on academic integrity as the responsibility of everyone involved in education: all faculty, staff and students. It involves promoting academic integrity as an important job, central to all institutions. Our theme also connects to continuing integrity beyond academia to professional ethics and lifelong learning following the ICAI fundamental values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage.

As the International Day of Action for Academic Integrity, we want to involve and engage everyone in our live events on the day, our social media campaigns and in encouraging action within institutions. 

We’ll provide event resources and recommended activities to encourage everyone to actively play a role in the academic integrity community. 

This year, our student contest will be a social media post. See below for details. 


Here’s how you can participate:

  • Today, mark October 16, 2024 on your calendar as the International Day of Action!
  • Pledge your participation on your campus by planning an event.
  • Download the poster above and promote it to your students, institutions, colleagues and networks.
  • Start promoting the student contest. Contest rules detailed below.
  • Attend live sessions happening throughout IDoA (watch for program to be released on September 16, 2024) Link for sign up coming soon.  

Attention All Students!
Here's How to Participate in our Student Social Media Contest:

The purpose of the contest is for students to make a social media post on the theme of student responsibility for following and promoting academic integrity.

Social media post submissions can include graphics or images with a clear message about academic integrity.

Review the Contest Rules to ensure your submission meets the criteria.

Submit your entry here.

The deadline to submit is Wednesday October 16, 2024 23:59 EST.



For any questions about this year’s International Day of Action, please contact the co-chair, Professor Mary Davis


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