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2020 Conference Preview: “Back to reality: Writing assigments, hyperreality, and the ‘problem of plagiarism’”
Brendan DeCoster | January 7, 2020

Recent advances in cheating detection have made it possible to detect a great many more academic integrity violations in higher education than in past times (see here; here; and here). However, one thing has persistently failed to advance, and that is …

So You Want an Updated (or New!) Academic Integrity Policy
Christian Moriarty | December 3, 2019

So you want a new academic integrity policy!  Below is the (very) short version of what considerations to take and how to get a procedure that is widely considered, implemented, and is derived from the values of the institution at large. First things f …

Academic Integrity and Accessibility
Alexis Ramsey-Tobienne | November 19, 2019

In 1997, Sally Scott asked “how much is enough” in her article “Accommodating College Students with Learning Disabilities: How Much is Enough?” Noting the need to strike a balance between the student’s needs and the academic integrity of the course, Sc …

Testing, Academic Integrity and the Missing Link
Tricia Bertram Gallant | August 12, 2019

I recently had the good fortune of giving a keynote at the 20th anniversary conference of the National College Testing Association (NCTA). The conference is attended by people who work in educational test centers on school, college or university campus …

Setting Expectations
Tricia Bertram Gallant | August 7, 2019

Have you ever started a new job and thought “I wonder what they expect of me?”, “how will they evaluate my performance?” or “what does it take to be successful here?” Or, perhaps you have tried to play a board or card game with others only to realize t …

Prepping for Change: The ADKAR Model
Tricia Bertram Gallant | June 3, 2019

The Academic Integrity Office at the University of California, San Diego will be posting THREE new positions in the coming days: a Senior Case Coordinator, Case Coordinator, and an Education Coordinator. These positions were created, in part, as a resu …

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