The response to COVID-19 is unlike anything we have seen in education. Leaders and policymakers are scrambling to keep up with changes worldwide as we focus on remote education. We at the Integrity Matters blog offer our best wishes as all work diligently to support students and faculty navigating this new normal.

Research indicates that threats to academic integrity increase in times of stress and uncertainty. To that end Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton, researcher, educator, and ICAI contributor, offers important considerations including talking to students about academic integrity, safeguarding academic work, and being consistent with the policies and practices that are in place at the institution.

 How do we share this information quickly? The UC San Diego Academic Integrity office, led by Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant offers an excellent example. and today's spotlight.

Moving to Remote Assessments with Integrity is an excellent sample of sharing best practices with faculty, students,  and staff in an easily understood way. Creating informative and easily applicable resources to ensure institutions maintain academic integrity is necessary to promote high academic standards in a rapidly changing environment.

Infographics, informative links, and relevant examples set this resource apart from the barrage of well-meaning emails offering checklists of best practices. Consider using this as a template for your communications with your institution. Contract cheating providers will use this opportunity to gain a stronger foothold in the academic market. Providing and disseminating informational tools like the resource created by UC San Diego is our best defense.