ICAI delivers record Annual Conference

ICAI celebrated its biggest annual conference in early March 2021!  The four-day conference featured four keynote panels and 36 concurrent sessions presented by more than 100 speakers to more than 1,200 attendees. Attendees represented 15 time zones from St. Petersburg, Florida to Auckland, New Zealand, Kyiv, Ukraine, and everywhere in between!

The 2021 ICAI Virtual Annual Conference by the numbers:

  • 1,286 registered users,

  • 776 “active” users (spent time during the conference days perusing online),

  • Most viewed sessions: Introduction to ICAI, Panel on Technology, and Student perspectives on the impact of race in technology.

  • 129,158 sponsor impressions for our two sponsors.

  • 50 user-created, in-app discussion topics with 554 total public messages.

  • 1,231 private messages (wow!), 49 private group chats.
  • Institutions with the highest number of active participants: Ryerson, Chile, SNHU, Waterloo, Excelsior.

Missed the Annual Conference?
Conference session materials and recordings are available

Did you miss the annual conference?  No worries, you can still view the fantastic plenary and concurrent sessions at cost of $75 for members of ICAI and $150 for non-members. Please contact