Content and Communications Committee

Jean Guerrero Dib, Universidad de Monterrey, co-chair (
Amanda McKenzie, University of Waterloo, co-chair
Camilla Roberts, Kansas State University, co-chair 

Danielle Andrews-Brown, University of Pittsburgh
Adriana Barberena,Universidad de Monterrey  
Tricia Bertram-Gallant, University of California, San Diego
Joseph Brown, Colorado State University 
Courtney Cullen, University of Georgia
Beth Edwards, Pennsylvania State University
Shanda Hood, University of Arkansas
Bob Ives, University of Nevada Reno
Alex Jeikner, The American College of Greece
Irene B. Mena, University of Pittsburgh
Ceceilia Parnther, St. John’s University
Candace Thrasher, Oklahoma State University

Research and Assessment Committee

Douglas Harrison, University of Maryland Global Campus, board liaison ()
David Rettinger, Mary Washington University, chair

Eric Anderman, Ohio State University
Tricia Bertram Gallant, University of California, San Diego
Courtney Sarah Cullen, University of Georgia
Darragh McNally, University of Maryland Global Campus
Melissa McTernan, Boston College
Andrew Perry, Ohio State University
Jason Stephens, University of Auckland

Holly Tatum, Randolph College

Conference Committee

Christian Moriarty, St. Petersburg College, chair

Camilla Roberts, Kansas State University
Amanda McKenzie, University of Waterloo
Blaire Wilson, Emory University
Dawn Lesperance, Lewis Clark State College
Hannah Lynn Huffaker, University of Arkansas
Patricia Meyer, Devry University

Membership Committee

James Orr, University of Memphis, co-chair
Jennie Miron, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, co-chair 

Ann Domorad, American Councils
Maureen O’Brien, Western Governor’s University
Susan Wheeler, Excelsior
Shanda Hood, University of Arkansas
Katie Stinnett, Missouri State University

International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating Committee

Irene Glendinning, Coventry University
Sue Hackett, Quality and Qualifications Ireland
Zeenath Khan, University of Wollongong Dubai
Thomas Lancaster, Imperial College London
Amanda McKenzie, University of Waterloo
Jennie Miron, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Evangeline Litsa Mourelatos, (recently retired from Deree, the American College of Greece)