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The International Center for Academic Integrity is celebrating 30 years of advancing academic integrity in 2022. ICAI is a leader in advancing academic integrity across the globe by providing member institutions with resources to promote academic integrity. These new and updated resources below are designed to help schools, colleges, universities, individuals, and governments build a culture of academic integrity. This anniversary is also a good time to share ICAI's history. "It Takes a Village": The Origins of the International Center for Academic Integrity (1992-2010) tells how for the last 30 years, ICAI has been a leader in the international academic integrity movement. Other organizations have sprung up around the world in its likeness, but it continues to be a guiding light for research and practice. So, how did it all begin? This story explores the founding and early years of the Center through the words and memories of 14 founders and early leaders including Don McCabe, the "grandfather of academic integrity."


Academic Integrity Rating System (AIRS)

The Academic Integrity Rating System (AIRS) is a self-assessment tool to help colleges and universities: stimulate internal conversations about academic integrity culture creation; identify benchmarks and indicators of movement towards a culture; celebrate small wins and plan next steps. AIRS is currently in beta form. Institutions interested in feeding into the development of AIRS, including an AIRS certification/assurance process, can indicate that here. pdf Free for members (569 KB) .


The ICAI Reader: 1992-2020

The ICAI Reader highlights the 85 seminal scholarly pieces (published in English between 1992-2020) that any practitioner or researcher new to the field should read. These pieces were selected through a lengthy process by ICAI members who served as editors and reviewers. Each piece in the Reader is considered to have made an important addition to the literature at the time of its publication. Free for Members.


Cheating Academic Integrity

In Cheating Academic Integrity: Lessons from 30 Years of Research, a team of renowned academic integrity experts, led by editors and former ICAI Board members David A. Rettinger and Tricia Bertram Gallant, deliver revealing and practicing insights into the causes of - and solutions to - academic cheating by students. The book focuses on teaching, classrooms, and faculty behavior and offers a glimpse into the future of this rapidly developing field. Chapter 8, which summarizes and analyzes the ICAI Reader, can be downloaded. Free for members.

Books can be ordered here. All royalties from book purchases are donated to ICAI.


JCC Special Issue

In celebration of ICAI's 30th Anniversary, the Journal of College and Character released a special issue on 30 Years of Research on Academic Integrity, co-edited by former ICAI Board members David A. Rettinger & Tricia Bertram Gallant. This special issue focuses on policies, procedures, culture creation, and other topics of interest to practitioners.