21146 ICAI 2023 Annual Conference Theme R2 Option 1 FINAL SELECTED


Thursday, March 9

Pre-Conference Consortia Meetings


Canadian National Consortium (9:00am-4:00pm) led by Amanda McKenzie

The Canadian Consortium has a long-held tradition of connecting at the annual conference. This is an opportunity for academic integrity professionals from Canada to engage with colleagues across the country on matters that are top of mind in the field of academic integrity. A full agenda will be released closer to the date. 

This session will include 2 coffee breaks and lunch covered by the registration fee.


U.S. Southeast (SEICAI) Consortium (2:00-4:00pm) led by Courtney Cullen and Blaire Wilson

Open invitation to join this pre-conference session for individuals from institutions within the Southeastern United States, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Neighboring states are welcome to participate. The SEICAI leadership team aims to host a business meeting to further the effort to foster relationships with our regional colleagues, plan meaningful content for the community, and discuss the goals of expanding the regional network.

This session will include a coffee break with snacks covered by the registration fee.

Pre-Conference Workshops (30 seats available in each)


Early Career Academic Integrity Professionals Workshop (9:00-11:30am) led by Camilla Roberts and Blaire Wilson

As early career professionals in academic integrity, there can be a learning curve. The goal of this session is to acquaint new and new-ish professionals to the field of academic integrity. Part of the session will be dedicated to orienting participants to ICAI and the Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity. The remainder of the session will include a review of best practices for practitioners addressing topics like: collecting and weighing evidence, managing stakeholder expectations through the process, training hearing board members or others adjudicating cases, case management. 

This session will include a coffee break with snacks covered by the registration fee.


Writing Effective Academic Integrity Policy Workshop (9:00-11:30am) led by Christian Moriarty

A good academic integrity policy is important, but how do you develop one that is effective, fully includes the rights and responsibilities of all stakeholders, and is accepted in your organization to the point that it is faithfully and enthusiastically employed?  And how do you inform students and earn their interest in integrity?  At St. Petersburg College, a group of faculty and administrators worked together to cultivate a policy that works for everyone.  In this session, the presenter will go over their process as they went along, how they communicated and sought the feedback from people all over the institution, and worked together to make a policy that is fair, effective, and fully implemented. Participants will leave the session with a framework for reviewing their own institution’s policy and steps for initiating a revision process.

This session will include a coffee break with snacks covered by the registration fee.


Case Study Workshop (1:30-4:00pm) led by Camilla Roberts and Valerie Denney

Participants of the Case Study Workshop will receive a copy of “Building Honor in Academics: Case Studies in Academic Integrity” covered by the registration fee. During the session, facilitators will guide participants on how to use this case study book as a teaching tool. This interactive workshop will include simulations of how the case studies can be used to host sessions for different groups on your campus from faculty to staff to students. 

This session will include a coffee break with snacks covered by the registration fee.