2022 International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating

October 19, 2022

This year's International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating (IDoA) falls on Wednesday, October 19th. Our theme is: IDoA 2022: Addressing Contract Cheating and Beyond in the New Learning Environment, and we will be focusing on how each of us has a role to play in supporting academic integrity. 

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The planning group for the 2022 IDoA is made up of the following members:

Co-leads: Amanda McKenzie, University of Waterloo, CA & Azalea Hulbert, University of West Virginia, US

  • Stephen Bunbury, University of Westminster, UK
  • Mary Davis, Oxford Brookes University, UK
  • Lucía del Carmen Córdova Rivera, University of Monterrey, MX
  • Irene Glendinning, Coventry University, UK
  • Sue Hackett, Quality and Qualifications Ireland, IE
  • Luz Herlinda Godina Silva, University of Monterrey, MX
  • Zeenath Khan, University of Wollongong Dubai, AE
  • Thomas Lancaster, Imperial College London, UK 
  • Jennie Miron, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, CA
  • Evangeline Litsa Mourelatos, Deree, the American College of Greece (retired), GR

We would like to ramp up our awareness of this day on a global scale and invite all faculty, students and staff to reach out and join us. There are two working groups: one for faculty and staff, and the other for students. 

Over 25 faculty and staff from eleven different countries have volunteered under the co-leadership of Mary Davis and Irene Glendinning for the Faculty group. Several virtual meetings have taken place, and Mary Davis has collected a number of useful resources for faculty members and educational institutions. Here is a list of IDoA activities, IDoA related news items about academic integrity and the long term professional and social impacts, as well as IDoA recommended teaching resources which are open access.

After a recent call for student volunteers, over 40 students from seven countries expressed their interest as part of the Student group and have stepped up to brainstorm ideas for the upcoming IDoA. Students met virtually with co-leads, Stephen Bunbury and Jennie Miron. They shared their ideas, which will be invaluable to inform next steps for suggested student activities, opportunities for participation, and communications that will be effective to get information out to students on an international level to promote good academic practice and raise awareness. 

If you have students who are interested in joining in the continued planning for the IDoA please have them reach out to Stephen Bunbury () or Jennie Miron ().

Also, don’t forget to register using the form on the right hand side of this webpage to let us know what you will be doing for IDoA! We encourage people around the world to use these hashtags as you prepare and mark the day of action: #excelwithintegrity #myownwork.


The International Center of Academic Integrity (ICAI) is sponsoring the 7th International Day of Action (IDoA) Against Contract Cheating, Student TikTok Contest. The purpose of the contest is to generate short reels to raise academic integrity awareness and provide students the opportunity to share their opinions and ideas on how everyone can support academic integrity. Students can win up to $150 USD in Amazon gift cards for their TikTok submission - see Contest Rules.

For more details on what we did last year for this event and to review the resource guide for holding your own IDoA activities – see below!


2021 International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating draws worldwide participation

The 6th annual International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating saw over 182 registrants participate from all over the world such as the UK, Austria, Ireland, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, Peru, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, U.S.A., Australia and New Zealand. Registrants stated that they planned on recognizing this day by running poster or video contests, virtual pledges, social media campaigns, escape rooms, and other awareness-raising events. 

An International Organizing Committee consisting of: Irene Glendinning (Coventry University), Sue Hackett (Quality and Qualifications Ireland), Zeenath Khan (University of Wollongong Dubai), Thomas Lancaster (Imperial College London), Amanda McKenzie (University of Waterloo), Jennie Miron (Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning), and Evangeline Litsa Mourelatos (recently retired from Deree, the American College of Greece) met regularly months in advance of Oct. 20 to coordinate events to mark this day. 

Evangeline Litsa Mourelatos oversaw an International Students Steering Committee (ISSC) that included over 17 students from around the world. She worked with these students to prepare an online game that can be used to educate people about contract cheating, to create promotional ads, photos and videos as well as a pre-event webinar co-moderated with Irene Glendinning, and she also moderated a live webinar event on the International Day of Action.

An expert presentation featuring Dr. Thomas Lancaster and special guest panelists: Sarah Eaton (Canada), Rowena Harper (Australia), Zeenath Khan (UAE), and Billy Kelly (Ireland) was broadcast on Oct. 20. Click HERE to view

A student Meme Contest was also held. The first-place winning submission can be viewed HERE.

 Download the IDOA Resource Guide


Learn more about contract cheating.

In 2020, the ICAI took an important step and put out a press release Statement Against Contract Cheating to raise awareness of this issue.