Sixth Annual ICAI Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, Feb. 3-4, 2021, Virtual
Reimagining Academic Integrity in a Moment of Rapid Change
The 6th Annual ICAI Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

The theme of the 2021 conference is Reimagining Academic Integrity in a Moment of Rapid Change. For many institutions, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted not just the educational landscape but also how relationships and actions take shape within this landscape. Moreover, continuing patterns of racialized violence and inequities in educational access, preparation, and experiences urge us to scrutinize notions of justice and fairness that are so often at the core of academic integrity efforts at our institutions. 

What does promoting a culture of academic integrity look like in this current landscape? How, in these changed times, does academic integrity connect to the larger world and to students’ future endeavors? How might the current moment shift the way we think about academic integrity as much as what we do to try and promote academic integrity? What might we learn from institutions that are well versed in promoting academic integrity in online modalities? 

Reimagining Academic Integrity in a Moment of Rapid Change will be hosted by the University System of Maryland William E. Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation and the University of Maryland Global Campus. ICAI, the Kirwan Center, and UMGC express thanks to the 2021 conference planning committee for their contributions to the shape and structure of this meeting. 


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ICAI Mid-Atlantic Conference 2021 Town Hall

ICAI Mid-Atlantic Conference 2021 Welcome and Opening Plenary

ICAI Mid-Atlantic Conference 2021 Plenary Panel Academic Integrity