The 2020 McCabe-ICAI Student Survey of Academic Integrity

How it works

  1. Institutions are recruited through social media, word of mouth, etc.
  2. Approval on each campus from all relevant stakeholders
    • Institutional Research Office
    • Academic Leadership
  3. Approval requires a commitment to providing:
    • A means of distributing the survey to all students or a sample of over 5k. ICAI will provide a link to the survey, which we host. Institutions will distribute the survey through email or other electronic means.
    • IRB approval – exempt study
    • Willingness of leadership to communicate with students about the survey, including sending the invitation and timely reminders
    • A small budget for incentives to participate (under $1000)
      ICAI membership ($650-$900 depending on size of student body; exceptions can be made given current budget situation)
  4. ICAI provides
    • IRB materials
    • Participant recruiting materials
    • Link to survey
    • Schedule of communication
    • Follow up email templates
    • Final report
  5. Timing: The survey will be available in early 2021 for institutional use. Each institution may determine when the survey is administered to their students and for how long. The survey will be available throughout the year.
  6. Final reporting
    • Executive summary, including benchmarks
    • Detailed report of all major variables, including benchmarks
    • Raw institutional data available on request
    • Demographic data will be reported separately from other survey data so as to assure complete anonymity for participants in small demographic groups
  7. Data sharing
    • Data collection is anonymous, so no one can connect responses to individual identifiers.
    • Institutional affiliation is confidential, meaning that no institution’s data will be reported in a way that identifies that institution, except to the IR team (or designee) at that institution.
    • Aggregate data will be reported publicly, broken down by Carnegie classifications.