ICAI Webinar: 2023 IDoA Sessions

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October 18th, 2023 from  3:00 AM to  6:00 PM
Event Fee(s)
2023 IDoA Sessions
8:30am UK: Introduction to IDoA $0.00
8:45am UK: AI and Assessment $0.00
9:30am UK: What Do PhD Students Think About AI? $0.00
10:30am UK: Championing Academic Integrity in the Age of AI Student Panel $0.00
11:30am UK: Truths and Myths About Academic Integrity and AI $0.00
12:30pm UK: Fireside Chat on Student Partnerships $0.00
1:15pm UK: Thomas & Irene in Conversation about Academic Integrity $0.00
2:00pm UK: How Can Academic Staff Support Each Other to Increase Academic Integrity? $0.00
2:45pm UK: Ethical Implementation of AI in Academic Writing $0.00
3:30pm UK: AI isn't just AI $0.00
4:15pm UK: Navigating Social Media Responsibly and Avoiding Cheating Traps $0.00
5:00pm UK: Responsibilities with GenAI (UAE Perspective and Beyond) $0.00
6:00pm UK: Framework for Ethical Use of AI $0.00
7:00pm UK: The Courage to Change: Implications for Teaching, Learning & Assessment in the GenAI Era $0.00
8:00pm UK: Voces estudiantiles: reflexiones sobre la integridad en la era de la Inteligencia Artificial (IA) $0.00
9:00pm UK: Use of AI by Students and Researchers $0.00
10:00pm UK: Universal Design for Learning in Academic Integrity $0.00
10:30pm UK: Final Thoughts on Championing Academic Integrity in the Age of AI $0.00